Keeping it trendy without being spendy.


Decorating your home so it doesn’t feel dated can be a challenge. It’s important when considering larger investment pieces that they are not too niche or follow a trend that could date your home a couple years down the road.

The best way to do so is by adding items that have a traditional look, with a modern feel to them. A good example might be the trend of resin pouring, into, or on what we see as a beautiful piece of wooden furniture. This technique can have a really interesting result but unless you are invested in that look, purchasing something with such a bold statement could make your home feel dated and leaving you in search of another piece to revive the room once again.


SAB Art Studio

Created by Shalen Broughton


Incorporating this resin trend can be done easily by purchasing a piece that can be hung on the wall as art or by adding smaller pieces such as a vase or coasters. By doing so you can still achieve the look and feel without the expensive purchase of larger pieces. These smaller decorations can also be swapped out easily when wanting to breathe new life into the space.



Resin drops

Resin coasters by Crafters Lounge Studio can be found on Etsy shop


In short, take your time when decorating your home and really think about what you want to have around as heirloom pieces and what can play off those pieces as you transition from one look to another. Happy decorating!

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