Walnut Elements Coffee Table - Limited production Pre-order

Walnut Elements Coffee Table Pre-order

Pre-order sale

Our first ever LIMITED PRODUCTION run of our Walnut Elements Coffee Table.  

Pre-order starting at 5:00am PST November 1st. All pre-orders will receive a FREE Edgewood Matte Porcelain Mug.

Walnut Elements Coffee Table 

With a nod toward midcentury design, we created the Walnut Elements™ Coffee Table. The smooth edges and sculpted legs give this piece a tasteful stance and beautiful blend with the top. The legs don't just attach, they grow from thin to elongated shapes and curve inward towards the center of the table. The tabletop has a slight bevel to the edge with a subtle radius on the top to help the eye transition better from the top to the legs. As with any natural material, variations in the texture and color of the wood are to be expected and are not defects. Italian Designed, American Made.


This coffee table features unique sapwood edges. The lighter edges present a gold and caramel color often cut off from the board and typically not used as big box manufacturers look for a more homogenous aesthetic. Here at Studio Vestri we celebrate this aspect as it makes the pieces more unique, no two will look alike. Additionally we hand select slabs that offer great grain character with lighter tones making the slabs even more rare. Lastly, we design this piece to be well balanced with a consistent line weight throughout the piece and softer edges so the look will stand the test of time. 

Item details

Price $1,999 

Dimensions: 46”L x 22”W x 16.5”H

Materials: Solid North American Black Walnut

Finish: Semi-Gloss Natural Finish