Whats all the hype around Walnut anyways?

Whats all the hype around Walnut anyways?

Just what makes the walnut tree such a sought after piece of lumber for furniture anyways? Well we have a brief history about the tree and what sets it apart from the rest in cost and in its uniqueness.

Vintage Lumber company Walnut furniture

Currently the black walnut tree is found growing mostly in the eastern and central part of the United States. The black walnut tree was even said to be exported to parts of the United Kingdom from Virginia dating back to as early as the 1600’s. During this time it was the go to source of wood for almost all furnishings. This demand eventually peaked in the mid 1800’s as Victorian homes were being filled with lavish maple and oak furnishings. Sadly, by this time the black walnut tree was already becoming a scarce commodity due to the over-harvesting of most of the matured trees.

The black walnut tree is known for its curved and swirl like grain texture. (Think of the moment you pour cream into your black coffee.) The coloring can vary from rich carmely colors to lush chocolate tones. Not only is the wood beautiful to the eye, it is also quite a hardwood. This makes it perfect for furniture since it is very durable and is capable of withstanding quite a bit of abuse. Furniture makers often turn to walnut as it is easily carved and therefore lends itself effortlessly when requiring a more meticulous design or shape.

walnut slab

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