Living on the edge, Live Edge

Living on the edge, Live Edge

Whether it’s a work environment or your personal living space. The ambiance is key to setting the mood. Reinventing a space is a task in itself so choosing the right pieces that are functional and will ideally fit your ideal space is important.

It’s no secret that live edge tables are making a come back and for good reason. They bring the feeling of being outdoors in the home or office. The natural curve of a live edge table is unique to each one, so no two pieces will ever be the same. They are conversational pieces and can work in almost any space.

live edge walnut furniture

Image on Dwell photo by Shade Deggas


The industrial feel of this space was in need of something more natural to soften the overall atmosphere.  Without it, you might feel the space colder than the interior required. The warmth of the wood grain and unconventional, this table lends a beautiful organic feel to the structured room.

Our live edge table was featured as an option on Dwell. We were quite happy to oblige since many designers and interior decorators turn to Dwell for inspiration or to purchase that “must have” item.

Bringing nature back into the home adds some much need organic material and helps the owner achieve that back-to-basics feel.  After all, nature allows us to focus more and feel a sense of well being. Incorporating natural material in one's home or workplace has been shown to improve creativity. Who doesn’t need to be more creative? Especially if you live in a large city where you might be inundated with noises of urbane life. It is nice to come home to that special place that helps us relax, nurture our souls and recharge for the day ahead.