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From forest to furniture

Much like the way people are thinking about just how the food we eat is grown, fertilized, and harvested before making its way to the dinner table we feel the same should be considered when investing in furniture. We strive to create pieces that are beautifully designed with little to no effect on the environment.

The greenest way to do so is by sourcing deadfall lumber. This involves a tree that has fallen on its own either by some sort of tree illness or mother nature. Once the wood is removed it will be cut into sections depending on the state of the tree, removing rotting or damaged pieces. Wood has a considerable amount of moisture inside of it so using a wood kiln speeds the curing process up considerably. Curing allows the wood to release moisture, protecting it from decay and helps to prepare the wood to receive a surface finish in a seamless manner.

Customization allows us to create a piece specifically tailored to one's taste. This means less waste and less unwanted and unused inventory.

Studio Vestri Ambrosia Maple Slabs